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Before you think about using negative marketing techniques, you need to think about how it is going to appear and what effects of this "twighligt marketing" can result for you and your competitor.


Not everyone agrees that it is a good tactic to use and so you could end up losing some loyal customers who are disappointed with your approach. Additionally you could be responsible for causing the owner of a very good business to have to shut it down. That is a big burden to have on your conscious for most people.

Don't always look at the positive aspects of negative marketing to you. How is it going to affect consumers? How is it going to affect your competition? Sure, it is natural to want to be the leader in your industry. You should strive to be ahead of your competition so you can make as much profit as possible. The big question here though is do you resort to cut throat tactics in order to make that happen?



That is why there seems to be so many hard feelings out there in the world of advertising with the use of negative marketing. The fact is that it can result in a business having to shut its doors. They may offer a very good product but consumers are listening to the more powerful company who engaged in negative marketing. Even if they reduce their price and engage in effective marketing practices it may not be enough to pull them out of the situation.

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